Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's late, and I'm kinda bored. Hello.

So, my car is currently at Giles Marathon in Mentor awaiting some kind of undetermined servicing so that it may pass the everfucking emissions test by Friday morning, which is about as under the wire with this as I can possibly get.

I figured I had this godforsaken test beat for sure this year, being that my exhaust system is, like, brand new and all (hell, this is what broke me financially this past March). So, I decided to wait like an idiot until I had about three days left to get all of this shit taken care of.


To my considerable surprise, the E-check kid tells me this morning that my NO count is too high, and I have only a couple of distant, foggy ideas as to how that is happening.

Usually at this point I would go into a long, acidic rant about the E-Check system and how these guys manhandle your poor car by "simulating the conditions of driving 25 mph for a few moments in order to gain an accurate emissions reading," but I don't want to get all worked up over it again. This morning was shitty enough in that regard.

O.K., one quick aside -- that was the sound of my car going 25 mph? How? In first gear, perhaps? Jesus, my car doesn't run that consistently high when I'm going 65 on the freeway for crissakes!

Bah. Enough. I am over that now. Sarah brought me a large Coke from Burger Thing and I'm still a tad floaty from the effects of a Clairitin-D I took earlier today.

In other words, this is a recipe for blogging disaster, so I go now.

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