Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Goat, I am beat right now ...

Spent the last two days at work re-wiring (or replacing) speakers, and my limbs are presently yelling at me for all of the stretching and reaching from the stepladder I had to do to run the new wire over and under fixtures and hidden behind acoustical ceiling tiles.

This was supposed to be a one-two hour project, tops, but thanks to doing this with a regular of ours who is a bit of a perfectionist woodpecker, it wound up taking the entirety of Tuesday and a chunk of today to get everything looking and sounding good. Once that was completed, there was a lot of re-thinking and re-arranging of counter space that had to be done in order to relocate the amp and CD player since we ended up short two feet of wire where it mattered the most (of course). The rest of tonight was a mad dash of getting caught up with orders, inventory adjustments, program buy-ins and ticketing/shelving stock to avoid falling two days behind on the assorted busywork. Ugh.

Incidentally, as far as that situation at work last week is concerned, things will be turning out for the best after all as the new release shipment problem we had has apparently been corrected ... it's just too bad that the one week everything went freakin' haywire was a heavy release week, so we have quite a few albums by Prince, Ben Harper and My Chemical Romance (not to mention a pile of South Park DVDs) that will be stinking up the place for a while. Dohhhhh.

Finally, in late-breaking news, Moe has a heretofore-undiscovered passion for roast beef. I had brought home a sandwich from Arby's with me, and the scent of it had Moe up the kind of invasive antics he hasn't attempted since he was a kitten (including trying to leap directly onto the sandwich itself, and then finding every possible way to get his head in between me and my dinner). I think he is still sniffing around for it as I type this, the little goon ...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

RD Top 20 Sellers For Week Ending 3/12/06

On An Island - as big as they get for us these days
3. MOGWAI Mr. Beast
4. RAY DAVIES Other People's Lives
5. SHAGGY 2 DOPE Fuck The Fuck Off
6. REVOLTING COCKS Cocked And Loaded
7. SHE WANTS REVENGE She Wants Revenge
8. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Hammersmith, Odeon, London '75
9. ROBIN TROWER Living Out Of Time: Live
10. THE CARS Greatest Hits
11. CHEAP TRICK Dream Police
12. COVENANT Sky Shaper
13. DAVE DAVIES Kinked
14. JUVENILE Reality Check
15. VAN MORRISON Pay The Devil
16. OF MONTREAL The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower
17. SCARFACE My Homies, Part 2
18. GLENN TIPTON Baptizm Of Fire
19. STAIND Chapter V
20. PINK FLOYD A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

How big is On An Island? Combine the sales figures for all of the albums from #2 to #20 on this week's chart and you'll still be short of the Herculean total posted by the new David Gilmour solo album in its debut week. Not only did Gilmour post the biggest selling debut of 2006 by a factor of 3 to 1 over previous champ Shaggy 2 Dope, he also lobbed up the fastest-selling album since U2 posted an identical total (70 copies) at the end of November 2004. With figures only available since the middle of 2003, these two mark the biggest openings in our store's recent history, maybe even since the days of our old Great Lakes Mall location ... YouthIn Gilmour's wake, all other debuts look relatively puny, though in any other week, Hasidic reggae singer Matisyahu's dozen-piece start would compete or take the pole position ... Also opening strongly is the new Mogwai project, reflecting combined sales of two different editions, while the first new album from Ministry side-project Revolting Cocks managed to reach #6 just in front of the resurging She Wants Revenge album ... Mr. BeastNot as spectacular were the sales on the new Van Morrison album, which lagged behind the rest of the pack at a disappointing #15, right around similarly underwhelming entries from rap luminaries Jaheim and Scarface ... While none of the releases due for March 14 have anywhere close to the firepower of Gilmour, it is certainly likely that the new Donald Fagen solo album will reach well into the teens for its opening week, maybe even enough to lock up the top of the next week's chart, though we certainly expect On An Island to show some legs and not be a one-week super flash in the pan. Aside from Fagen, also watch for a high debut from guitar ace Joe Satriani, a smashing entry from the Pretenders box set, and renewed action from rock upstars Fall Out Boy with a reissued version of their breakthrough album ...