Saturday, April 04, 2009

Den Vignettes

Just when I was thinking that this year's batch of high-profile April Fools Day jokes were so stupid that they weren't even jokes, I get hard evidence that at least one of them worked: I actually had a 20-something person come into the store Friday afternoon and ask me for the "new Nine Inch Nails album," which, if none of you have heard about it, can be looked at here.

I almost felt bad setting the poor bastard straight: not because I'm sure he didn't actually see the above webpage (he told me that a friend of his e-mailed him about this "release," and I wonder if his friend bothered to read anything past the title), but because he mentioned that he had been to like five other stores around the county looking for it and my explanation at least made clear why he'd had so much trouble locating it. Oof.

In the department of "non-April Fools Day related inanity", I can tell you about the two teenagers who asked Greg if we carried any Metallica "vinyls" in the store. I used the quotes there because they pronounced the word "VIN-yulz," which for a moment had him completely baffled as to what the hell they were talking about. Dear lord ...

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